Sila Education Trust started way back in 1995 as a solo English teaching institution under the management of one person. It has since its incorporation come of ages as one of the leading colleges in Arusha city and in Tanzania as a whole. The education institution has now been incorporated as a limited company with a registration number 49669 from BRELLA and its principles business being education. To strengthen its business practice and marketing through the previous strategic plan the institution has objectively sought to introduce Vocational studies alongside the two core courses previously started thus ECED (Early Childhood Education Development ) and GRADDE 111A by the institution. This has however been basically in contention as we have set it outright to practice the above studies in this new strategic plan of 2015-2020

The institution has carried out enormous investments and marketing in order to improve on its education status and agility. This has majorly ben done through its marketing strategies and financial strategies. Sila Education trust’s strategies have helped improve the company’s business competencies and competitive edge in the private education industry.

With our target market being secondary students and the adult illiterates we plan to have affiliations and memorandum of understandings with various secondary schools. On the other hand we plan to organize literacy workshops to cater for the illiterate adults.


Johnson Eric – Arusha, Tanzania